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Aerator type and scope

Release time: 2015-08-21 10:44:28
More based on the mechanism design and production of oxygen increasing machine product type, its working principle and characteristics are different, oxygen increasing effect difference is larger, applicable scope are not the same, producers can according to different culture system of oxygen demand, choose appropriate aerator to obtain good economic performance [2].
Impeller aerator
With aeration and stirring water, gas explosion, is currently used in most of the aerator, annual production value of about 15 million units, the oxygenation capacity and power efficiency were superior to other models, but running noise larger, generally used for depth 1 m above the area of pond aquaculture [1].
Waterwheel type aerator
With good aeration and promote the effect of flowing water, applicable to silt deep, pond area of 1 000 ~ 2 540 square meters use [6].
Jet aerator
The oxygen transfer efficiency than the waterwheel type, inflatable, spray and other forms of aerator has the advantages of simple structure, formation water, mixing water. Jet type oxygen increasing function to make the water gently aeration, no damage to fish, suitable for fish tank oxygenation using [8].
Water jet aerator
With good oxygen increasing function, can rapidly improve the surface water and the amount of dissolved oxygen in a short period of time, view and admire the effect and art for landscape and tourism area in fishpond using.
Inflatable aerator
The better the water is, the better for the water body.
Suction type aerator
The air is fed into the water by negative pressure, and the water is mixed with the water to form a vortex. It is on the lower water aeration capacity than impeller aerator, aeration capacity of upper water less in the impeller aerator [4].
Vortex type aerator
Mainly used for: North Water under the ice aeration, high aeration efficiency [4].
Oxygen pump
Because of its portability, easy operation and single oxygenation function. Therefore, it is generally suitable for depth below 0.7 meters area fry in 0.6 acres under cultivation pool or greenhouse cultivation pool used in [5]. With the continuous improvement of Fisheries needs to constantly refine and oxygen increasing machine technology, there has been a lot of new type oxygen increasing machine, such as: Chung jet aerator, spray aerator [9] a variety of specifications of the aerator.
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