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Feeding machine selection and precautions

Release time: 2015-08-21 17:26:26
With the development of aquaculture, are increasingly wide application of aquatic feed, feeding machine is also in the promotion of aquatic feed plays a very important role, played a very good role for aquatic feed effect expression. But because of the feeding machine has the advantages of simple structure, processing conditions are not high, so the production of feeding machine manufacturers have mushroomed, all of a sudden all kinds of feeding machine quality is uneven, which many of the poor quality of fish products in the market sales. So greatly affected the farmers on the correct choice of feeding machine. So in the practical application, the farmers how targeted to the correct choice of feeding machine?
First we try to understand the common market of several feeding machine, now on the market of the feeding machine to power to mainly have: 70W 90W 110W 120W four, which to 90W and 110W mostly. These two kinds of power for 2.5 mm diameter material, feeding area up to 100 square meters, can accommodate 10 - 15 acres of pond fish food. 70W investment feeding area of up to 70 square meters or so, for about 10 acres of fish ponds in the use, about 120W investment feeding area of up to 130 square meters, for 15 - 20 acres of fish ponds. And there are a lot of feeding machine although meet the requirements of power, due to poor manufacturing level, often feeding area is too small (orientation bias, throwing angle of 45 DEG, etc.), resulting in the feeding area is too small, to feed the normal feeding.
According to my years of exploration work in practice, some experience, choose to use the feeding machine should pay attention to the following aspects:
A buy, feeding machine, the feeding area is a major concern for us. But we must know that feeding machine and the size of the diameter of the feeding area and feed related investment, relatively larger diameter feeding area is larger. On the contrary, it is small, and the bulk density of the feed is relative to the bulk density, the larger the feeding area is, the smaller the relative density of the feed is small. If the feeding area is too small, it will affect the normal growth of the fish. So we in the choice of when to consider Tang in different time to eat fish total and used material of diameter and density, the vote feeding area of the feeding machine is appropriate. Polyculture pond, such as the discovery of a snatch to poor eating fish growth is slow, considering feeding machine feeding area is too small.
Second, eat the amount of fish and feeding area: due to the erbium machine cast one of the aims is to increase the feeding area, the pond in different varieties and specifications of the fish can eat to feed, the single Yangtang fish growth of uniform size, but due to the feeding machine cast feeding area and its power is proportional to, such as power is certain, such as eating fish too much, feeding area is not large, polyculture pond to snatch the ability difference (small size) of fish or grab materials, affecting the growth, weak constitution single Yangtang fish also eat less than expected, resulting in size difference is bigger. Conversely Such as eating less fish, feeding area is large, it will cause waste of fodder.
, a feeding machine training fish: March to open training food fish. At this time Tang eat fish less often, due to feeding machine, feed is relatively large, such as feeding machine training food compared to artificial training food is difficult, the impatient households will say fish floating feeding, which is actually due to the feeding machine feeding more cause fish floating feeding, it is recommended that spring training fish is the best feeding artificial training good food and then feeding machine. Such as a lot of fish in the pond before eating feeding machine training considered.
Four, it is recommended to normal several feeding machine configuration: General in the central area to the south of, with grass carp eat fish 500 - 2000 kilograms, to configure a 70W feeding machine, 2500 - 7500 kilograms, it is necessary to configure a 90W cast Er machine, 8000 - 10000 kilograms to two distribution (70W and 90W one each), eat fish less than 500 kilograms, it is best to use the artificial feeding.
Five, stocking, to cast Er machine requirements are not the same, with a power of the size of the feeding machine, such as eating fish total, monoculture can keep the fish feeding growth, then in Polyculture pond cannot guarantee each eat fish can grow normally, so vote erbium machine depends on stocking model selection, monoculture of power can be smaller, investment and feeding area is relatively small, polyculture power bigger, cast feeding area is relatively large.
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