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Safe use and maintenance of impeller aerator

Release time: 2015-08-21 17:30:56
Vane type oxygen increasing machine is currently widely used in the fish pond farming machinery, it is through the impeller agitation, etc. the aeration and aeration, improve water quality and promote the growth of fish, in order to increase the yield of fish. In order to guarantee the safe operation and improve the operation quality, we should pay attention to the following points:
1, the aerator in torsion is large, must be installed. Cable lock fixing clip in the frame, can not bear the pulling force, must not be when the rope is pulled, so as to avoid the bad contact of the thread.
2, the protective cover should be properly installed, to prevent electrical wiring water soaked. At the same time, pay attention to the protection of the junction box, to avoid water splashing caused by leakage or short circuit accident.
Launch of the 3, aerator, the unit is in horizontal or near horizontal state into the water, in order to avoid reduction inside the lubricating oil spill over from the ventilation holes. At the same time strictly motor contact with water, so as to avoid flooding and damage to the motor.
4, the installation depth of the aerator, the impeller on the "water line" mark and water flush. If there is no mark, the end to flush with water, to prevent water too deep, motor overload and burn.
5, boot time, should observe the aerator transportation situation, if the inversion, abnormal sound, vibration instability phenomenon, should immediately stop, troubleshooting rear can restart.
6, pay attention to people, livestock operation should not be near the aerator impeller, impeller to avoid damage. When the impeller is found on the winding or attachments should be cleared in time. Because of the floating body wear repair should be checked buoyancy is reduced, so as not to burn out the motor load increase. Note: check, troubleshooting must stop, cut off power.
7, according to changes in the weather, fish dynamics and aerator load flexible master boot, the principle is: Sunny noon open, cloudy morning, continuous overcast and rainy in the middle of the night to open, not open in the evening, early opening of floating head, fish, mainly growth season day, midnight and noon long startup time. In fish in the main growing season, attention should be paid to the high temperatures during the day, light intensity, evening thunder array inches or daytime southerly, the temperature is high, to the night suddenly from the north wind, or a large number of feeding water too fat, attention should be paid to the early boot to prevent floating head fish "floating pond".
Oxygen increasing machine through the use of a period of time, site of the motor, gear box, impeller, buoy and lines, easily damaged and failure, we must check maintenance:
1, motor. When the rotor of the motor is used for inspection, there is no friction sound and sound in the hearing. Check the bearing is damaged, the carbon brush is worn, and polishing the commutator surface rust.
2, reducer box. Check the gear box of the shaft, gear and other parts of the wear, oil seal is intact. If found damaged, etc., should be repaired and replaced. If the oil in the tank has been changed, the modified oil should be replaced, and the sediment in the box will be injected into the new oil.
3, the impeller and the buoy. Check the impeller is deformed, such as deformation should be repaired, and then coated with anti rust paint. Check whether the welding buoy corrosion corrosion Water Leakage, if Water Leakage, welding should be carried out.
4, line. Check the insulation of the motor with a sign of the European table, check whether the wiring column is safe and stable, whether the wire is broken or bare, if found, should be repaired or replaced. Check the wiring box, if subjected to water erosion should be replaced, and the wiring for waterproof protection.
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