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With the principle of aerator

Release time: 2015-08-21 10:41:34
The principle of choosing aerator is not only to fully meet the needs of dissolved oxygen in the normal growth of the fish, effectively prevent hypoxic dead and deterioration of water quality in the lower feed utilization and growth of fishes, lead to the occurrence of fish diseases, but also to maximize the reduce operation cost and save money. Therefore, the aerator selection should be based on comprehensive consideration of the depth of the pond, different fish pond area, per unit area yield of breeding, oxygen increasing machine efficiency and operation cost.
It is determined that the total oxygen consumption per kilogram per kilogram of fish is about 1 g. Among them: the life activity oxygen consumption is about 0.15 g; the food digestion and the waste decomposition oxygen consumption is about 0.85 G. The l0 acres of fishpond aerator with for example, as shown in table 1[2].
Table 110 acres of fish ponds aerator with different breeding yield table
Breeding yield (kg/667 m) 400500600700800900 1000
Total oxygen consumption (kg/h) 5 6 7 8 9 10
1.5 KW impeller aerator (Taiwan) 1 ~ 222 ~ 3333 ~ 44
3 KW impeller aerator (Taiwan) 1111 ~ 21 ~ 222
2.2 KW jet aerator (Taiwan) 222 ~ 333 ~ 444 ~ 5
1.5 KW waterwheel aerator (Taiwan) 2233444 ~ 5
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